Who’s On The Porch?

PorchWhat would you do if you looked outside and the most important person in the universe was standing on the front porch? Most of us won’t even answer the door if it’s an unexpected guest. But what if it was Jesus?


Jesus said in Revelation 23:20, “Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends.”


You might not know it, you might not even like it, but Jesus has been standing at the front door of your heart for a long time. Why? Because he actually likes you. More importantly, he loves you and wants you to share your life with him.


The problem is we often treat him like and unwanted guest instead of an honored one. We tend to ignore him instead of inviting him in.


So what should we do now that we know the most important person in the universe is standing on the porch?


The first thing we should do is invite him in. Isn’t that what you would do with other honored guests? You wouldn’t want to be left on the porch of your friend’s house endlessly knocking, and neither does Jesus. So invite him in!


The next thing we should do is honor him. No one wants to go to someone’s home and be disrespected, ignored or treated as a bother and neither does Jesus! We can honor him by listening to him. Ask Jesus to speak to you and teach you his ways. Find out what he’s all about.


You can simply invite Jesus in from the front porch by praying something like this, “Jesus, I invite you into my heart, my home, as my honored guest. Come in and let’s spend some time together. I want to know more about you.”


If you do these two simple steps your relationship with Jesus will grow stronger. Just like every relationship grows stronger when you invite people inside instead of leaving them outside. Today is the day to invite Jesus in.


Make it count,

Pastor Zac

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