Some Good News

Not everyone views a good report the same. The things that bring you joy might not bring me joy at all. For instance, you might tell me you received a promotion at work or that you are expecting a child and although I might be very excited for you I am surely not going to experience the same joy you might be.  Your good news just doesn’t affect me the same way simply because it’s not my good news. In fact, what might be good news to you might actually be terrible news to me?

But what if there was a report that not only had a positive impact on you and me but on everyone on the planet? What if this news could even change the world as we know it?

Well, not too long ago there happened to be a news report that could accomplish such a thing. But it didn’t come from a news station, facebook, or even twitter. It actually came from some angels who announced some pretty big news to a few shepherds watching over their sheep.

The angels told the shepherds, “I bring you good news that will bring great joy to all people. The Savior – yes, the Messiah, the Lord – has been born today.” (Luke 2:10-11)

I think we can all agree that there are not many things on this planet that can “bring great joy to all people.” The only news that has the potential to do this is the news that Jesus Christ came to earth by way of a manger so that he could give his life for you on the cross. All because he loves you. The angels were right; it really is great news for everyone. There is a God who loves us very much. This is the message of Christmas.

Serving Him,

Pastor Zac

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