The first line of any great book can be some of the most memorable and significant words the author will ever write. It’s these first few words that can set the tone for the entire story. Because it is the beginning and every great story starts with an unforgettable beginning.

That’s exactly why God, the great author of the Bible, chose to pen his very first words with care, significance and with unforgettable power. “In the beginning God…” (Genesis 1:1) It is the greatest opening line of any book in the history of the world. It introduces the reader with the most significant character of all time: God.

Forget about saving the best for last. God starts his book of Good News with the prime character of importance, himself. As if to say to us, “If you get anything out of this book as you read it I want it to start and end with me. I want you to get me out of this.”

When you think about it isn’t God really the greatest beginning to everything? Every one of our lives is a story. The question is what are the first four words to your story. Is it God? Is he the beginning and the end of your life? If not you’re missing the best character in your book. You’re missing the hero!

I have good news, though. No matter what chapter your book is on it’s never too late to bring in the most important character. It’s never to late for a new beginning. Give your story to God and let him start and finish your life with “In the beginning God.”

Serving Him,

Pastor Zac

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