Special Stuff

My son has a secret hiding place where he puts all of the things he doesn’t want to lose or his siblings to touch. He sets them apart from all of the other things he owns because they are special to him. So special in fact that his secret hiding place is a Kleenex box next to his bed. And yes, there is Kleenex in there too.

You might laugh but in reality we all do strange things with our special stuff. Some people neatly display all their special things in expensive armoire’s for everyone to see as they walk in the house. Some people spend hundreds of dollars a month setting apart all their special things in storage facilities hidden away for their own enjoyment.

The point is not that we all do weird things with our secret stuff. The point is that no matter if it’s a Kleenex box, an armoire, or a storage facility we all like to separate those things that matter most to us for ourselves. We take special care of them.

What we might not realize is that to an extent we get this characteristic from God. The difference is He doesn’t hoard things, He hoards people.

Psalm 4:3 says “You can be sure of this: The Lord set apart the godly for himself.” Have you ever considered that God wants you to himself? Did it ever occur to you that God actually wants you and you are valuable to him?

Well if you didn’t, know that He does! Just like you and I set apart our valuables and take special care of them God sets us apart for himself. And God holds you to be worth more than any other possession on the planet.
God truly does love you and he desperately wants you to belong to Him. Every aspect of your being God wants to be part of… your thoughts, your actions, and your future.

All you have to do is give yourself to him. Surrendering to him is the single greatest act you could ever do with your life.

Serving Him,
Pastor Zac

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