What’s in it for me? It’s probably one of the most asked questions on the planet. Everybody wants to know how they are going to benefit from just about every circumstance. It’s like we are constantly having a me party… a party by ourselves.

We see this in churches across America. People walk into church wondering, “what’s in it for me?” But it’s not just in the church. It runs deep into every facet of life like business, friends and our marriages; even our relationship with God. We truly are selfish people!

Why is that? Why do we become so self focused? It’s because we want the valuables of the house but not the values. But what we forget is that it’s the values of the house that carry the most value.

When we focus on the valuables of God’s house we are only focused on ourselves. But when we focus on the values of the house we are focused on what God has in store for us. You see God wants to give us, free of charge, his life changing and life giving values.

It’s in these God given values that hearts are changed, lives are restored, marriages are mended, and eternities decided. The values of God’s house are what drive us to become more like him. It changes us from introverted thinking to extraverted thinking.

What we need to realize is that stuff is just stuff but values, godly values, last for eternity. That’s what our hearts should be zeroed in on. The true treasures of heaven are not in the valuables of this life but the values of God’s wonderful word. They are eternal.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:20

Serving Him,

Zachary Elliott

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