What Comes Naturally

I know a man who has worked for my dad for many years. He is a very nice guy but it seems like he is always hurting himself. Causing harm to his own body seems to come naturally to him. Recently he smashed his finger so badly that it swelled to about three times its normal size and the doctors had to cut off the ring he was wearing in order to keep the finger. Two days later he was walking through the back yard of a customer’s house (with a giant bandaged finger) and he stepped on the side of the deck where the board popped straight up and smacked him right in the nose. Blood was everywhere.

At first you think there is no way that this actually happened, but it did. The guy is a natural when it comes to hurting himself in crazy ways. I know he is good at other things like being a faithful employee but it’s his mishaps that really make him stand out.

I am sure we can all relate to him a little. We have all felt like our mistakes, screw ups, accidents and even our intentional or unintentional bad decisions seem to be the only thing we are good at. And sadly, these seem to be the only thing people remember.

We all have to deal with these natural mistakes at some point in our lives. But these mistakes don’t have to define us. God tells us that he “will blot out our sins… and will never think of them again.” (Isaiah 43:25)

Isn’t it great to know that there is someone who forgets your mistakes and mishaps? Your boss may remember how blew a big sale. Your spouse may remember that you forgot your anniversary. Your kids may remember you losing your temper last night. But once you ask God for forgiveness for your sins he never thinks of them again.

So the question is… Why are you continuing to dwell on past goof ups and letting them define your future? And why are you holding on to the goof ups of someone else instead of offering your forgiveness?

We need to do what seems unnatural in our lives but should come naturally for all believers. It’s time to start walking in the forgiveness of God and practicing that forgiveness with other people. It’s the only way to become a true natural Christian.

Serving Him,

Pastor Zac

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