A Personalized Gift for You

By Pastor Zac

“Personalized Christmas Ornaments by Dorothy the Doll Lady” is what the sign read when my friend Jill walked into the trinket store. Excited about buying a personalized gift for her sister she browsed until she found just the right one and proceeded to the counter where Dorothy was waiting.

“Can you personalize this ornament for me?” Jill said with a smile. Dorothy looked at the ornament and replied, “Well that depends on how much you want written on it. What do you want it to say?” “I want it to say… Welcome to your first Christmas!” Jill replied. Dorothy looked at the ornament again and said, “Yes I think I can fit all of that on here for you.”

Excited with anticipation Jill waited for Dorothy to get to work on her special gift. But to her surprise, Dorothy didn’t head to a special engraving machine. She didn’t even grab a paintbrush, instead, she noticed Dorothy pull out a Sharpie Pen from the drawer and begin to write on her ornament “Welcome to your first Christmas!”… A Sharpie!!! Are you kidding me??? I think it’s safe to say that a Christmas ornament with permanent marker on it wasn’t quite the gift Jill had in mind for her sister.

But as we all know, Christmas time has no shortage of cheesy gifts and gift disappointments. We are all going to be disappointed by someone’s gift, maybe from our grandparents, our spouse, or maybe even the one from Jill. But there is one gift that we have already been given that will never disappoint. It’s the gift of Jesus Christ.

The Bible tells us that “The payment for sin is death. But God gives us the free gift of life forever in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 6:23)

Isn’t that really the greatest gift of all, a gift that lasts not only for this Christmas but for all time? And what’s even more amazing about the gift of Jesus is that we don’t have to wait until Christmas to open it. We can experience this life giving gift right now by surrendering our lives over to the one who came on Christmas just for us.

There is no disappointment in God’s gift to us. No waiting for someone to pull out a Magic Marker and make it special. It’s the gift that is here now. It is the perfect, most spectacular and life giving gift you can receive. And it’s hand delivered to us by God himself.

So I suggest that the first thing you open this Christmas is Jesus Christ. Experience a real personalized gift this Christmas, the one that came just for you.

Merry Christmas!

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