The Big Rescue

I got stuck in the Grand Canyon once while leading a trip of college students. Because of the heat and the steepness of the trail one of the students with us panicked and hyperventilated. It was pretty freaky seeing someone in that state, not knowing what to do.

All I could think about was them sending Life Flight in and dropping down one of those baskets to get the student out. Or, maybe, one of the mules and we could have rode out.

After sending the other students up for help I sat there for an hour and a half trying to calm the student down and wondering, in my mind, how the rescue was going to take place.

It wasn’t long before a one lone ranger came traipsing down the trail. I have to be honest, I was a little disappointed. I thought, “This is it? This is our rescue? Where are the mules or the helicopter?” I really wanted to ride out on the mule!

But with all my preconceived ideas of how things should go nothing prepared me for what actually happened. The Ranger Lady walked up, asked the student how they felt, gave her a peanut butter cracker to eat and sprayed her down with water. After that she got up off of the rock and we walked out with our own two legs. Wow, what a rescue!

A lot of times our life is like that. We get in situations where we are stuck and we sit wondering how we are going to get out of the canyon we are in. We come up with all these crazy, preconceived ideas of how the rescue should go. And usually it never happens how we think.

I believe that instead of focusing on the how, we should focus on the fact that a rescue is coming. In you life situation, whatever it may be, God has already planned a rescue. He already knows the answer, he knows the way he’s is going to get you out. So instead of focusing on the problem or the how we should start thanking God for the rescue that is already on its way.

Scripture says, “Sing to the Lord! Praise the Lord! For I was poor and needy, he rescued me…” (Jeremiah 20:13) The good news is that God already knows you’re poor and needy. Even better than that he has already planned the rescue.

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  1. Very cool story! It does seem that God often comes at the last minute and doesn’t seem to think the trouble was as big as it seems to us :-0)

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