A Proud Father

It really wasn’t that long ago when my youngest daughter, Sloan, turned four. She no longer wakes up every other hour for a bottle, she doesn’t carry around an old, dirty blankie, and she doesn’t find peek-a-boo entertaining. She is growing up! She likes to dress like a princess, walk like a princess, and give orders to everyone as if she were a princess.

As she gets older she will realize that the world does not revolve around her. There will come a day when she will actually like her brothers, when she won’t like to play with dolls and when giving daddy smooches will embarrass her when her friends are around.

Our spiritual walk is not unlike my young daughter’s natural life. Just as a child learns to walk we too must learn how to walk with the Lord. Growing with the Lord is the key to a strong and productive spiritual life.

Scripture has a lot to say about this subject. It says “But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever!” II Peter 3:18

Growing spiritually is the natural part of every believer’s life. God wants us to grow! He never wants us to stay just as we are; always needing everything done for us and never being able to think for ourselves. We have to grow in our walk with the Lord.

There are joys and dangers in growing in our spiritual lives just like there are joys and dangers in learning to walk in our natural lives. Sometimes we try to walk too fast and as a result we will fall. But falling is just part of growing. The learning begins when we decide to get up and try again. That’s where the true joy of growing kicks in, when we are actually living it. Then God looks down like a proud father showing his approval because we are learning to grow with him.

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